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Congratulations! You have finished your cleanse, now what? You may be feeling a positive difference in your energy level, mood, and skin. Now that your insides are cheering “Thank you!” –keep up the good work!

Here are some tips to help keep you on the right track post-cleanse.

  • Slowly reintroduce solid foods into your system. Try a juice or two for the first few days in addition to light meals.
  • Begin with lightly steamed vegetables and fresh fruits. Gradually introduce nuts and other sources of healthy protein.
  • Use the cleanse as a springboard to start making better food and drink choices. Soon you’ll be saying goodbye to processed foods and saying hello to clean, whole foods.

Day 1

  • BREAKFAST— Jump start your morning with a juice. Keep the good energy flowing. Starting your day with a juice is a good way to curb cravings during the day, because your body is revving off with premium nutrients. 
  • LUNCH— Keep it simple, a raw chopped salad is best. Your dressing should be olive oil and lemon juice. 
  • DINNER—Day one you want to keep dinner simple. Try not to have animal based protein your first day post-cleanse. For dinner, we recommend slowly introducing cooked food, as your digestive track has been on pause. Stick with steamed vegetables, yams, legumes, and whole grains. .

Day 2

  • BREAKFAST—Start your day with a juice. You want to kick-start your day with an abundance of nutrients. Think about how great you felt during your cleanse.
  • LUNCH—Keep you lunch light. You may start introducing a more normalized diet, however keep fresh vegetables and fruit your meal staple, and save animal proteins for dinner. Try salad and soup.
  • DINNER—You can start adding cooked grains back into your diet and easy to digest animal proteins.

Day 3

  • BREAKFAST— Start your day with a juice. This juice will keep your body and energy flowing for the day.
  • LUNCH—If raw salad is not cutting it anymore, you can introduce grains to your lunch by swapping out your salad for a whole grain sandwich.
  • DINNER—We recommend introducing fish or meat. However, try keeping your animal based protein to dinner moving forward.
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