Reset your body with a rejuvenating program. The UP JUS cleanse is a dietary program featuring customized fresh juices, doctor approved formulated nutrients, tonics, and nut mylks that you follow for a desired period of days to give your digestive system a break and supply your cells with rejuvenating, lifting, and clearing energy. Each cleanse is a way for you to balance body, mind, and spirit. Each of our cleanse programs have been designed with medical grade nutrients. All of our cleanses have been approved by a naturopathic doctor.


Please allow a minimum of 24-48 hour notice for all cleanse orders. For next day pick-up, please submit order by 12pm (noon). All orders after 12pm (noon) will be pushed to next day pick-up.

Revive (1-3-5-7 Day)

Pick a day based on your goals. Life is full of toxins from air pollution, food, and stress. Your body needs a moment to rejuvenate. The UP JUS revive cleanse is simple way to flush toxins, kick-start a diet, and reboot your digestive system. We have designed each cleanse program alongside a naturopathic doctor for full health benefits. Our Revive cleanse features our super juices made with live probiotics.

$65 per day

w/ Nut Mylk | $75 per day

Revitalize (1-3-5-7 Day)

Based on feedback from trainers, yoga teachers, and cross-fit advocates we have deigned a new ACTIVE cleanse program. Our new REVITALIZE cleanse will help maintain your muscle mass, supply you with energy, and heal your gut. A juice cleanse can help lean body mass and boost metabolic rates. Our new super juices with 10 billion live cultures and 15 active strain probiotics, GI Renew and GI Repair. These super juices will be integrated into your cleanse program to maintain muscle, build immune function, and add protein, vitamins and minerals to keep you energetic during your cleanse.

$80 per day

w/ Nut Mylk | $88 per day

Renew - 21 Day Program

Our Renew 21 Day Program has been created with a Naturopathic Doctor, and evidence based formulated ingredients: Probiotics, GI-Renew GI-Repair, High ORAC Multi-Vitamin, and Liver Detox. Combined with our juices the nutritional supplements provide you with overall nutritional support needed to be successful on the program. They provide intestinal healing, detoxification, and antioxidant support that promotes overall immune health and well-being.

Diet Guidelines:
Week 1: All Juices
Week 2: Juices + Hypoallergenic Food Guide + Liver Detox
Week 3: Juices + Limited Approved Food Guide

$1240 (Full Package)

$1340 (w/ NUT MYLK) for Week 2 and 3

+1 JUS per day for a week (free after 3 Week Cleanse)

Note: Please notify us with any allergy concerns you may have to certain fruits or vegetables. We will be happy adjust your cleanse program to suit your needs.

Bottle Deposit Included

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