Cleanse Prep

It is important to start your preparation 3- 7 days before your cleanse. Adhering to these guidelines will ensure you have an enjoyable experience during your cleanse.  You will need to start eliminating items from your daily diet. Some of these items will be hard, but make the effort. Your body will thank you later. The prep is a good way to get your body ready to receive the maximum benefits from your cleanse.

Cleanse Prep Tips

  • Reduce or eliminate processed “junk” foods; white flours, sugar, desserts, fast food, fried foods, bacon and other deli meats.
  • Reduce or remove alcohol.
  • Reduce caffeine.
  • Stay hydrated! (2-2.5L) (For more active and robust individuals increase your daily average)
  • Get extra sleep.
  • Keep energy up with fresh salads, beans, legumes, nuts, seeds, and vegetables.

Drink at least one fresh juice daily.

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