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About Us

We love juice! Our company was founded in 2013 based on a mission to create high quality nutrient dense cold-pressed juices.  We didn’t have much, but we were determined to succeed. We started off rocky, but we took our juices to the people and won them over juice by juice.

Meet Our Team

  • Lam Luong
    Lam LuongFounder

    A former Glowbal Group Chef, Lam Luong has taken his passion for food into raw cold-pressed juices. With a palate for unique flavors, Lam developed a cold-pressed product that is exciting, unique, and full of flavor. Based on recipes from his native home, Vietnam, Lam has created a cleanse program that is based on historic recipes with modern flavors. Vietnam is known for their fresh ingredients and raw vegetables mixed into dishes. This philosophy and history is integrated into each UP JUS raw, organic, and cold-pressed juice.

    • Alvin Lim
      Alvin LimFounder

      A born entrepreneur, Alvin Lim has created unique business ventures his entire life. Alvin blends his passion for business and health with UP JUS cold-pressed juices. Alvin is a businessman with a vision for developing products that benefit our health and wellness, while keeping our planet healthy with eco-friendly ideas. His role in UP JUS is to keep our business a gold standard, and keep our product supply moving. Alvin’s knack for business keeps UP JUS unique.

      • Anthony Lewis
        Anthony LewisFounder

        A visionary, Anthony Lewis has constantly pushed boundaries. His background in film, fashion, and marketing keeps UP JUS creative. Anthony is our in-house critic who never lets us rest. He travels the world to see what is happening on every level, to keep all our juices fresh.

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